A Jobs guide to Tenerife. Employment, types of work and tips on working on the island.  


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Picture on mount teide
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Working On The Island

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Welcome to our Tenerife employment guide. Everybody dreams of throwing it all in and moving to another part of the world where the climate and lifestyle are better. Tenerife is a popular choice for people who want to move to another country. Many people move here to retire, whilst others move here to work. There are many types of work in Tenerife available in bars, restaurants, hotels and offices. So how do you find out about job vacancies on the island?

Employment guide- Jobs Tenerife

Finding work abroad is not easy, so what kind of jobs are available on the island? The most common form of work is bar work. As the season moves forward many of the bars take on extra staff to meet demand, so these types of Tenerife jobs are generally always available. Another common type of work is within the sales field. This type of work normally involves working in timeshare as a consultant or representative and is very often commission only, but for the right people it can be extremely lucrative. If you are looking for an office job, then this type of work tends to be little more scarce, but is available. Professional work such as Information Technology is even harder to find so you will be in for a rude awakenng if you think you move here and easily find a job in this field. There are a number of British companies who use skilled workers such as builders and tradesmen, so if you are a tradesman, you might be able to find adequate work.

If you speak Spanish to a reasonable level, then your chances of gaining employment increase many fold. Pretty much every job type within the Spanish speaking world is open to you. If you speak English and another language, again your chances of finding employment increase substantially.